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British Ice Skating is recognised by the Sports Councils (UK Sport, Sport England, Scottish Sports Council, Sports Council for Wales and Sports Council for Northern Ireland) as the governing body of ice skating in the UK.


It is affiliated to the International Skating Union (ISU), the international governing body for ice skating disciplines. British Ice Skating (formally NISA), of the UK, is one of the oldest governing bodies in the UK, being founded as the National Skating Association of Great Britain in February 1879. NISA took part in founding the ISU.


British Ice Skating's current functions can be summarised as follows:

  • Membership subscriptions and servicing

  • Test systems

  • Coach education

  • Judge/official education

  • Major event management


World Class programmes; British Ice Skating has more than 6,000 members and is responsible for both Figure Skating (singles, pairs, dance and synchronized) and Speed Skating (short track) ice skating disciplines.


More than 70,000 skaters complete the accredited Learn to Skate programme (Skate UK) every year, which is available from the majority of ice rinks across the UK and available for both youngsters and adults.


British Ice Skating is a company limited by guarantee (Registration number 2677064) and is controlled by an elected Board of Directors all of whom work on a voluntary basis for the Association.

British Ice Skating -  Mission Statement

British Ice Skating is the Governing Body for ice skating in the UK. Its mission is to promote, develop and support all ice skating disciplines, within a safe and constructive environment that provides participants with the opportunity to fulfil their potential and personal goals, within a recreational, fitness or competitive activity.


“Skate for Fun, Skate for Gold”, Skate for Life"

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