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Every year, CRISC hosts an annual ice skating show at the Chelmsford Riverside Ice Rink. These productions are performed predominantly by members of the Main Club and the Junior Club.


A team of chaperones is vital for the running of the show - in fact, we can’t legally have the show without licensed chaperones. Therefore, chaperones form an essential part of our production team.


Vickie Lepley is the Club’s Head Chaperone and she can be contacted via the link below.


If you have not been a registered chaperone for the Club before, but are interested in becoming one, please contact Vickie and she can explain the application process to you.


If you have been a chaperone before, please contact Vickie to let her know if:


  • you can chaperone again this year (you will need to check if your Chaperone licence needs renewing as they are only valid for 2 years).

  • Please also check your DBS certificate is in date as if it is not (and you are not on the update service) we will need to apply for a new one.

  • you are no longer able to chaperone and ask her to take you off her list.


Please do consider becoming one. The more chaperones we have, the more the load can be spread across rehearsals and performances. Please note that you do not need to have someone taking part in the show to be a chaperone.

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