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Two Girl Skating


The Club provides for the disciplines of Figure, Ice Dance and Pairs Skating and is open to skaters who meet the criteria specified on the Membership page. 


Unfortunately, the Club does not offer individual/private skating lessons. However, a list of the coaches that teach at Riverside can be found on the Coaches page of this site.


Club activities outside of our core club ice sessions may include:

  • Off-ice fitness and conditioning

  • Show performances for the public

  • Galas

  • Team Challenge


At CRISC, we strive to offer as many opportunities as we can to members.

All of the activities on offer are age, skill and developmentally appropriate. Different performances, galas and club sessions will appeal to you depending on your level of ability.


If you have a great idea or an area of concern, please raise it with one of the Committee Members. Good or bad, we want to hear: unless we know, we can't make the changes that need to happen.


Finally, it is vital for all members to adhere to the Club's Ice Etiquette at all times. Please ensure you and/or your child understands and follows this. It allows you to stay safe and get the most enjoyment out of the Club. We hope you enjoy your time with us whilst participating in this wonderful sport.

Club Mission Statement

The Club’s mission is to promote and encourage figure skating at all levels, whilst at the same time, create, maintain and promote a healthy and positive environment in which our members can develop physically and emotionally through the sport of figure skating. 

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