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Beauty and The Beast on ice - Tickets will be available from Wednesday 5th February at 10am.

Riverside and Chelmsford Ice Skating Club presents a beautiful amateur production of Beauty and the Beast on ice.

Let us transport you into a magical world and follow the tale of love and bravery, inspired by the Disney classic.

Featuring colourful costumes and catchy songs, the ice show is a fantastic musical treat for all the family. 

Please note that that these performances contain flashing lights, strobe lighting, loud noises and pyrotechnics.

Show Dates and Times:

· Wednesday 15 April, 6.30pm

· Thursday 16 April, 1.30pm

· Thursday 16 April, 6.30pm

· Friday 17 April, 1.30pm

· Friday 17 April, 6.30pm

· Saturday 18 April, 1.30pm

· Saturday 18 April, 6.30pm

· Sunday 19 April, 1.30pm



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